Warman Chamber of Commerce and Saskatchewan Chamber outline election issues

OnTrack 2016 aims to spur conversation, drive political focus during election campaign

Warman, February 25, 2016 – In advance of the Writ being dropped for the April 4 provincial election, the Warman Chamber of Commerce has joined the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce in promoting OnTrack 2016 – a recommendations document which outlines 31 ideas within eight major categories which face business.

“The On Track Campaign encourages positive growth and is a great guideline when discussing issues important to business with local candidates,” commented Jaimie Malmgren, Executive Director with the Warman Chamber of Commerce, “The recommendations included are ones that we would like to see integrated into the election platforms of the political parties.”

“The ideas within OnTrack 2016 affect the way that all the people in this province live, work and invest. As a province, we have seen very positive changes in our economy and our culture, but the work isn’t done. We want to see the next government continue the economic momentum, and believe it is imperative to stay on track with this progress – and so, we created these suggestions, and categorized them into eight general areas,” said Steve McLellan, CEO of the Saskatchewan Chamber.

The eight categories, titled “Top 8 Opportunities for Continued Growth” include recommendations for ways to strengthen the province’s taxation and fiscal framework, support infrastructure enhancement, build and utilize water resources, attract and grow investment, strengthen the education system, accelerate northern economic development, utilize alternative service delivery and enhance workforce skills training. Items such as integration of entrepreneurship and business skills training in all levels of k-12 education, changing the assessment cycle for property value from four years to two years, moving to a dual-rate personal income tax structure of 9% and 12%, and the creation of a comprehensive Water Resource Strategic Plan into their political platforms are of importance both locally and provincially.

“We invite Saskatchewan voters to take a closer look at OnTrack 2016 to determine which of these issues they support most strongly, and speak to the candidates in their riding about the direction those candidates’ parties are going to take, if elected,” McLellan said.

“We encourage people to read the document, share it and use it as a basis to encourage the provincial government – whoever is elected on April 4 – to create an even stronger province.”

The full OnTrack 2016 document and additional background information on the 31 ideas it includes may be found on the Sask Chamber website at


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