We are pleased to announce our participation in a new career and labour market initiative in Saskatchewan!

 SASKCAREERS is a one stop integrated site that will become the conduit for career planning needs for all Saskatchewan residents from kindergarten through to retirement. This site is ‘live’ and available across Saskatchewan, free of charge, to all job seekers, students, parents, career practitioners and employers.

In phase I of the project, the focus is on students both in provincial and federal band schools and those transitioning beyond the K-12 system.  It is currently being piloted with 8 school divisions and 2 First Nations. By 2015 it will be available to all schools across the Province and will be built into K-12 curriculum.

This websystem has been funded by the Government of Saskatchewan and the Government of Canada. The site includes tools that will help students and job seekers:

  • Identify their aptitudes, skills, and strengths;
  • Learn about different professions;
  • Identify available training and education opportunities within the province;
  • Investigate career opportunities, set objectives, develop an educational plan, and track their progress over time.

For Employers, it provides the opportunity for:

  • Engaging our youth and other job seekers to learn about careers and jobs in Saskatchewan;
  • To register as an employer interested in offering experiential learning opportunities such as job shadowing, mentorship, attending tours of your business and learning about your business and current and future opportunities;
  • To create visibility within your communities and demonstrate the variety of jobs and occupations in your business; and
  • To recruit your future labour force


The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce and the Warman Chamber of Commerce along with other stakeholders, including the Saskatoon Industry Education Council, have joined in partnership in launching this new website intended to help students and others plan for their futures.


We encourage you to register your business and become involved!  Please click SaskCareers for more information.


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