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Are you a business owner?

If your business is incorporated, then you could be facing a larger tax bill and big compliance costs from the government’s new proposals to change the way corporations are taxed. Here are three things you need to know about the tax changes proposed by the federal government:

1. Do you employ family members? The government wants to scrutinize their compensation to apply a much higher tax rate on income they consider “unreasonable”.

2. Do you invest the profits from your business? The federal government is proposing to tax that income at an effective rate of 70%.

3. Do you want to pass your business on to your children? Tough new rules make it difficult for younger kids to get the capital gains exemption. They could be doubletaxed.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) are the engine of the Canadian economy – estimates range from 85 to 90% of all businesses in Canada are SMEs.

The chamber network across Canada is using its collective voice on this issue; your voice as a business person needs to be heard as part of this initiative.

Send a message to your MP today. Government needs to know that this tax reform will harm businesses of all sizes.

Don’t know where to send the message to your Member of Parliament? Look up their address using your postal code at: MP by Postal Code.

For sample letter template: Federal Government Proposed Business Tax Change Letter

Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce Issue in Focus Aug 2017 – Proposed Changes to the Taxation of Private Corporations in Canada

Proposed Chamber Amalgamation


Proposed Chamber Amalgamation

Over the last few months, the Board of Directors from the Warman and Martensville Chambers of Commerce have been exploring ways that our two organizations could collaborate more extensively for the good of the region’s businesses and the communities that we each serve. Both organizations recognize that we have many shared goals and issues and that combining our resources will make us a much stronger advocate for the future growth of our economic region.
The Board of Directors have each approved, unanimously, to pursue the amalgamation of the Warman and Martensville Chambers of Commerce. This partnership is a result of the collaborative efforts among both chambers supporting one another’s organizations over the last few years by hosting successful joint events like the Warman & Martensville Business Excellence Awards and working closely on business initiatives. The natural progression is to form a partnership that would benefit members across the board, from marketing & networking opportunities to government affairs.

To be the voice of the Warman, Martensville & area business region.

Representing businesses through advocacy, education, and networking, to build and promote a strong and prosperous economic region.


1. There is power in numbers. The new combined chamber would move up from 10th/11th largest to the
5th largest chamber in the province. This larger voice, combined with the joint influence and expertise of the individual members offers both communities a seat at the provincial table.

2. Access to a wider range of services, increased exposure, B2B networking connections, etc.

3. Efficiency savings in back office and overhead costs, enabling more resources to be focused on member

4. This amalgamation is about building collective capacity. Municipal boundaries do not define our
economy. This region is, in fact, one economic marketplace. This amalgamation will provide for stronger collaborations with other partners and provide greater opportunities for new ones. It will enable the Chamber to grow so that you, our members, can grow too.


1. Who is involved in the steering committee that is leading this amalgamation?
Elise Hildebrandt, President of the Warman Chamber of Commerce; Tracey Fesiuk, President of the Martensville Chamber of Commerce; Gary Moore, Director of the Warman Chamber of Commerce; Stephen Nicholson, Director of the Martensville Chamber of Commerce & Jaimie Malmgren, Executive Director.

2. What does this mean for each Chamber?
Each Chamber will bring their membership, assets and liabilities to this new Chamber bringing combined membership count to just under 200. It will also result in operational cost savings.

3. What does this mean for my membership?
Essentially, your membership will improve for the better; having access to a larger network of potential customers and vendors, stronger advocacy clout, access to broader markets, greater business resources and an increased regional audience to support business growth.

4. Will this cost me more?
No, membership fees will remain the same.

5. How will the new chamber be governed?
The new Chamber will be governed by one board of directors with one set of bylaws and a uniformed dues structure. Each city will have a minimum of three (3) representatives on the board of directors.

6. How will my concerns be address?
Same as always. Our diverse board of directors, comprised of talented local business people, are invested in ensuring our economic region remains vibrant and strong. We will continue to engage our membership with surveys, member visits, and events. Of course, if there are specific concerns you would like us to be made of aware of, please feel free to contact Jaimie Malmgren, Executive Director or one of the current chamber presidents.

7. Where will the office be located?
Although we do not require office space yet, we know that we will in the near future. We will keep our options open and look for the best space that meets our needs.

8. How does the process of the proposed amalgamation proceed?
The Warman and Martensville Chambers of Commerce will each be hosting Open Houses for our members to come out and learn more about the proposed amalgamation. The vote will then go to the members of each of the Chambers for approval. A Special Membership Meeting for the purpose of considering authorization of the merger will be held on the following dates.

Open House
Martensville: Tuesday, September 5—7pm
Canalta Hotel
Warman: Wednesday, September 6—7pm
The Legends Centre

Special Meeting
Wednesday, October 4
Martensville: 6pm Canalta Hotel
Warman: 7:30pm The Legends Centre


Questions or comments, please contact the following representatives:

Elise Hildebrandt, WCC President, Phone (306) 221-2373, Email

Jaimie Malmgren, Executive Director, Phone (306) 292-7066, Email:

Tracey Fesiuk, MCC President, Phone (306) 260-0886, Email




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