Executive Committee

Elise Hildebrandt (President), Les Mennie (Vice-President), Doug McLeay (Secretary-Treasurer)

  • The Executive Committee will meet to deal with emergencies arising in the Chamber and to review the ongoing operations. Their main duty will be to recommend to the Board matters concerning the efficient operation of the Chamber and to deal with matters recommended by the Board.

Commercial and Industrial Committee

Open (head),

  • Represent all business and industrial interests in Warman
  • Visible membership support ie official grand opening, mentorship for new business
  • Create liason with city council ( pledge support and assistance)..know big picture of city plan..represent Chamber within Warman business development
  • Develop a business opportunity list ( key strategic business targets to support Warman)
  • “realistic perspective on competition”
  • Develop a student dialogue link to business
  • Define how to target home based business as well as retail

The Commercial and Industrial Committee works closely with the municipal economic development department to promote the economic stability and growth of existing and new businesses within the community. The mandate is to ensure that local government is effectively enhancing the global competitiveness, economic growth and prosperity of the Warman region. To consider municipal issues that relate to the business community including budgets and bylaw changes.

Civic and Transportation

Les Mennie (head),

  • The Committee stimulates government at all levels to establish approaches that offer clear competitive advantages for business in Warman and area in order to accelerate business activity in our region.

Areas covered include: Civic Powers, Authority and Legislation, Civic Infrastructure, Planning and Development, Civic Services and Efficiencies, Employment, Workforce and Workplace Issues, Environmental Issues, Provincial and Federal Policy and Legislation, Taxation, and Transportation.

Marketing and Community

Jade Gulash (head), Elise Hildebrandt

  • The committee is responsible for bringing forth new ideas and initiatives to increase awareness about Warman and Area Businesses. In addition, this committee works to promote Warman and Area, as well as to organize events that not only showcase what we have to offer but also recognize the efforts and successes of local businesses. This committee also works to find ways to increase community involvement in Chamber issues as well as ensure that the needs of our members are being met.


Open (head)

  • The Committee engages new and existing members to provide even better value for Chamber member-investors. Chamber membership enhances networking possibilities for you in our growing city. New business opportunities are springing up in the Warman region at an ever increasing pace and membership in and involvement with the Warman Chamber of Commerce allows you to keep up with that growth and helps you get to know the new faces of business in Warman.


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